When it comes to NFTs,
we got the upper paw
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Overview of collections

Realtime tracking more than 20000 collections and 24 million NFTs

Spot trading opportunities with recent activity trends

Top performing collections over the last 24h

Get notified when new collections are listed

Get notified when floor price goes above or below your preffered limits


Realtime activity

Visualise floor price, listed items and sales in realtime

Price histogram for spotting floor levels

Attribute analysis and whale highlighting

All important data about a collection in one place (mint information, project socials, stats)


Historic activity

Track collection activity over a longer period of time

Sale volumes, sale candles, floor price and listed count

Complete sale history



Browsing listed items

Realtime updates

Statistical attribute based ranking and rarity

Rarity based floor price

Attribute filters

Multiple sort criterias (listed, rank, price, edition)

Manual quick-buy


Auto buy

Setup limit price and desired quantity

Sweep the floor

Bid on multiple items (MagicEden and Tensor)

Filters to limit buying/sweeping/biding to certain items only

Supports major marketplaces (MagicEden, Tensor, Solanart, Yawww, HadeSwap and other Metaplex compatible)



Portfolio management

Bulk listing on MagicEden, Tensor and Hyperspace

Bulk update and delisting

Bulk transfer to another wallet

Bulk full burn useless NFTs

30 day PnL

Activity history

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